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Courage PoemAlexandra Jane Miliotis took her last breath in the hospital bed of a bone marrow transplant intensive care unit when her valiant heart finally and reluctantly acquiesced to cessation of a ten-month quest for a cure. This effort had enlisted thousands of caring, supporting individuals who now refuse to let go of the tenets and example of Alex’s life. Aspiring to carry on Alexandra’s spirit of abiding goodness, exemplified in the words “caring, courage and commitment”, those who were touched by her angelic smile and unwavering loyalty to friends and family have established a conduit for this purpose. The “Alex’s Team” Foundation shall exist in order for young people to benefit from Alexandra’s indomitable will and her determination to live so that she might have the opportunity “to be me.” Alexandra set the standard by which this organization’s success
shall be measured when she wrote the following words in her journal as she awaited a brain biopsy and likely bone marrow transplant.

As Captain of Alex’s Team, she shall live and continue winning, having now provided each of us with lasting courage and strength.

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