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Alexandra Jane Miliotis Oncoogy Nursing Support Endowment


 Alexandra J. Miliotis Pediatric Oncology Research Fellowship


 Walensky Laboratory

  • Educational and respite opportunities for pediatric oncology care staff
  • Continued medical research in pediatric oncology
  • Youth sports programs

Alexandra Jane Miliotis packed an inspirational lifetime into sixteen years, four months, and thirteen days, her journey of hope and courage reaching its climax at the Children’s Hospital Boston Medical Center on March 15, 2002. The childhood cancer that caused her death, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, had been a formidable opponent to this artist and three-sport athlete.

Aspiring to carry on Alexandra’s spirit of abiding goodness, exemplified in the words “caring, courage and commitment”, the many generous and supportive individuals who were touched by her angelic smile and unwavering loyalty to friends and family have established a conduit for this purpose. The “Alex’s Team” Foundation, Inc., established in June 2002, shall exist in order to perpetuate the essence of Alexandra’s iron will and determination.

This organization will, in the spirit of Alexandra’s commitment “to be me”, encourage others to employ the best in themselves to reach their goals. By funding youth sports and the fight against childhood cancer with the same courage, caring ,and commitment shown each day by Alexandra, “Alex’s Team” looks forward to giving each child a chance to follow a dream.

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